New update on Google Chrome! Now it became easier to use, learn how


Google Chrome has a special feature about profile swap,

With the new update of Google Chrome, users can easily customize their profiles as per their choice as well as easily change their different profiles from one another.

Google Chrome has improved the user profile feature, so that users can now control their profile well. With the help of this updated feature, the user can easily customize their profile as per their choice and can easily change their different profiles from each other. Google has started rolling out this feature in the desktop version. Google Chrome is used by millions of users, and users keep a lot of personal data sync in their profile of Chrome.

Now this new features will benefit those users who use different profiles on the same PC, and want to keep their personal data secure. With the help of this update of Google Chrome, users can personalize their profile much better. Just like they are kept in the window.

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Password, bookmarks will not have to be sharedUnder this, users can handle their passwords, bookmarks and those content effectively, and can easily change from different profiles. With this, Chrome can be used without sharing personal settings like user’s theme, password and other personal data.

Apart from this, it has become very easy to create a profile on Google Chrome now and once the profile is created, users can also change it from any other profile already present. For easy identification, Google Chrome is also providing different color combinations for each profile, so that you can easily identify your personal profile.

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Apart from this, you can access your profile from any other device as well, for this you just have to turn on sync and after that your favorite themes and bookmarks will be easily present on other devices as well. This update has rolled out, and will be released to all desktop users soon.


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