Now Instagram reels will be seen on Facebook, testing started in India, know how will change


There is going to be a change about Instagram Reels.

Facebook is also considering bringing features like Instagram reels to its app. Know what will change and how it will work for you.

Instagram (India) is giving an option to some creators in India to share their short videos on Facebook. Earlier on Monday, Facebook said that it is testing a feature on Instagram that shows some content creators in India using Instagram short video clips, also known as reels, on their Facebook account. But giving an option to share. This option has been given to only a few content creators in India.

In testing, some Indian content creators who make 30 second reels on Instagram will have the option to share this reels on Facebook.

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Apart from this, Facebook is also considering bringing features like Instagram reels on its app. Facebook, which has acquired Instagram, is promoting short video clips of Instagram on its Facebook app. Apart from this, Facebook is also renaming its short videos to ‘Reels on Facebook’. The world’s largest social media company is integrating Facebook Instagram products into its own site, such as the Federal Trade Commission and other regulations. Antitrust is questioning Facebook’s policies on Complaints, which is challenging Facebook’s takeover of Instagram and WhatsApp messaging services.

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For information, let us know that Instagram launched the Reel feature in July 2020. In Instagram Reels, users can make 15 second videos. Apart from this, you can also make loop video clips if you want.


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