Opportunities for domestic developers after China’s 59 apps are banned, but these things need to be noted


Ban of 59 apps opens up opportunities for domestic developers

Analysts say that domestic app developers need to ensure user engagement and a better experience on their platforms in order to grow rapidly and succeed ….

new Delhi. The government’s decision to ban 59 apps in China has opened up opportunities for domestic developers. However, analysts say that domestic app developers have to ensure user engagement and better experience on their platforms to grow faster and succeed. After the ban on 59 apps from China last month, many domestic apps such as Roposo and Spark have claimed that downloads have grown by leaps and bounds. Some domestic developers have also announced to increase the number of employees to increase the capacity of the server in view of this sudden increase in the number of users of its platform.

Assistant Director of Counterpoint Research Tarun Pathak said, ‘We think the ban on apps has opened up opportunities for domestic developers, but it will not be easy. First of all the users coming to these forums will start keeping in mind the test.

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He said that there will be a sharp increase in downloads initially, but the real difference lies in the UI (user interface), features and related connectivity of the app. Users would like to see how close or better it is to their previous experience of restricted apps. This will be the real challenge for these app companies. Pathak said, ‘One more thing is that an app is as good as it has active users. Success is not just the number of users but the number of active users. According to Sanchit Veer Gogia, founder and CEO (CEO) of Greyhound Research, any app, especially in the social networking sector, if offered for the purpose of serving only one country or a single market, would ever Can not even be successful.

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He said, ‘Such an app needs a broad-based user to succeed, so that you can learn from them and ensure better returns for investors.’ He said that the question is whether India makes apps only for India or for the whole world.


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