Paytm launches vaccine finder tool, know how it is different from the rest


Paytm is the largest e-wallet company in the country.

On the day you are planning to get the vaccine, you will find out whether there will be a vaccine in your area on this day or not, with this tool, if you do not have it, then when it will be available, your notification will also be available from your Paytm app.

New Delhi. Digital payment platform Paytm has launched the Kovid-19 Vaccine Finder Tool (COVID-19 Vaccine Finder). With this tool, people will be able to find the availability of vaccination slots. The company said in its statement that this platform will help citizens to check the availability of vaccination slots for a particular date. It is known that the Government of India has started vaccination drives for the age group of 18 to 45 from May 1. But due to limited availability of the vaccine, the slot is not available. Paytm has clarified that users can only find slots with their tool. For booking for vaccination, they will have to use either Kovin or Arogya Setu App. How to use To use this feature of Paytm, users have to click on Vaccine Finder in the Mini App Store section above the Paytm app. After this, you have to enter the PIN code of your area. Also, your age group will also have to be selected. After doing both of these, you will have to click on the check availability, with which you will know whether there is a vaccine in your area or by when it is expected to come. A post by Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma regarding this new feature has also been shared on Twitter. In which he has written that due to this automated process, people will be able to find out whether the vaccine is available or not.Recovering free ride It is known that recently, Uber Cab had offered a free ride to reach the vaccination center. In which people will be free to drive up to Rs 300. With this, through Uber, you can also find the nearest vaccination center. People have also liked the free drive of Uber in the vaccination drive of the Government of India. Uber cabs run in 36 cities in the country.


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