Phone number of millions of WhatsApp users in danger! Anyone can search message by searching from Google


Bubble color is about to change in WhatsApp chat.

A researcher has revealed a shocking take on WhatsApp. Researcher says that WhatsApp users’ phone number is in danger …

A big threat has come to the millions of WhatsApp users. One such flaw has been found in WhatsApp, due to which the phone numbers of users are being revealed in Google search. According to a report on Threatpost, a researcher has made a shocking revelation about WhatsApp. Researcher says that WhatsApp’s feature ‘Click to Chat’ is putting users’ phone numbers at risk, so that anyone can search any user through Google.

But WhatsApp owned company Facebook says that this is not a big deal. The Google search result is the same which the users have selected to make themselves public.

Bug bounty Atul Jayaram has detected this flaw, and has said about this whole situation that phone numbers of people have been leaked on Google search. Also Jairam has described it as a security bug of WhatsApp, due to which the privacy of users is in danger.

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WhatsApp’s Click to Chat feature gives users an easy option to chat with visitors on the website. This feature works with the help of a Quick Response (QR) code image, or chatting can be done by clicking on a URL. For this, visitors do not need to dial the number, and they can take full access to the phone number.

Jairam says that the problem is that the mobile number is also coming in Google search, which is due to the metadata of search engine click to chat. People’s phone numbers are coming up as part of URL ( ). According to the researcher, this is the reason that the ‘leaked’ mobile numbers of WhatsApp users are coming out as plain text.

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In the research shared through Threatpost, Jayaram said that the number of users is present in the plain text, so anyone who has the URL will be able to see the phone number. Further Jairam said that it creates a lot of ease for the snappers, by which he can copy and compile all the numbers and use them in a campaign.


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