PM Modi mentioned these 4 amazing ‘Swadeshi Apps’ in Mann Ki Baat, know their specialty

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the countrymen on the last Sunday of August through his monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’. During this time, the Prime Minister gave the message of the country to become self-reliant and appealed to the youth to contribute to it. Meanwhile, PM Modi said, ‘Earlier this month, an app innovation challenge was put in front of the youth of the country. Our youth participated extensively in this self-reliant India App Innovation Challenge.

PM Modi said that ‘Today when we are trying to make the country self-reliant, we have to move forward with full confidence, make the country self-sufficient in every field’. He further said, ‘You will definitely be impressed by seeing the results of the self-reliant App Innovation Challenge. After much scrutiny, awards have also been given to about two dozen apps in different categories. After this, she also mentioned 4 amazing indigenous apps, as well as how she works.

Kutuki: It was further told that there is an app in them, Kutuki kids learning app. This is such an interactive app for young children, in which children can learn a lot in math science only through songs and stories. It has activities, sports as well.

KOO: Similarly, there is also an app for a micro blogging platform. Its name is Ku-KOO Ku. In this, we can communicate and interact in our mother tongue through text, video and audio.

Ask Sarkar: Apart from this, there is an App ‘Ask Sarkar’. In this, you can interact through chat boat and get the right information about any government scheme, that too through text, audio and video in all three ways. It can help you a lot.

Step set go: Finally, the app that PM Modi mentioned is a fitness app, named ‘step set go’. It was told that through this app how much you can run, how many calories to burn, as you can get all the calculations, and it also motivates you to stay fit. PM Modi said, ‘You must know and join these apps. You may also be inspired to create something like this.


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