Ransomware attack on Swiss online consumer outlet Compare

New Delhi. In Zurich, Swiss online consumer outlet Compare has been hit by a ransomware attack. In this regard, Comparis has also filed a criminal complaint on Wednesday. In his complaint, he said that some of his information technology systems have been blocked due to this attack. The outlet also says that as far as we know, most databases were not affected by the incident. He says that unfortunately, earlier detailed analysis suggests that criminals had access to some customer-relevant data from sister company Credaris, whose systems partially operate in the same server environment. It is known that Credaris is a financial brokerage company and its website gives consumers the option to compare prices for goods and services. The site was working normally again, but access via e-mail and customer hotlines may still be limited as it works with cybersecurity experts on a full recovery.

It did not comment on whether the incident was linked to a ransomware attack centered on Florida information technology firm Kasya that scoured the data of hundreds of small businesses around the world. Russia-linked cybercrime syndicate Reville took credit for the breach. A spokesman said he did not pay a ransom to gain functionality.

One thousand companies in America affected by ransomware attack

Recently a major ransomware attack has occurred on the American IT company Kasia. Kaseya’s corporate network and at least 1000 companies using its software were targeted in this cyber attack. The Russian cybercrime group Revil is suspected of carrying out this cyber attack.

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Coupe, the largest supermarket chain, had to close more than 800 of its stores

This software company has provided its services to more than 40,000 business houses, out of which at least 1000 companies have become victims of this cyber attack. Researchers gave this information on Saturday. The ransomware attack forced Sweden’s largest supermarket chain Coupe to close over 800 of its stores because they were unable to access their accounts and checkouts.


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