‘Remove China Apps’, which deletes Chinese app from phone, itself was removed from Google Play store


Remove China Apps has been deleted from the Play Store.

People downloaded this app for the purpose of bycoting Chinese apps and products in India, but Google has deleted it from the Play Store …

‘Remove China Apps’, which became increasingly viral in India, has been deleted by Google Play Store. However, no information has been found about what is the reason for deleting it. This app, which deleted all the Chinese apps from the phone, was very much liked by the Indian users and has been downloaded by 10 lakh people in just 10 days.

This app has been developed by One Touch Labs, developer of Jaipur. People downloaded this app for the purpose of bycoting Chinese apps and products in India. Through this app, Chinese apps present in the smartphone can be scanned and deleted. In this app, it was said that Chinese apps are not safe for users and after scanning such apps can be selected and uninstalled from the phone.

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Developer OneTouchLabs gave this information via tweet on Tuesday night. In the tweet, wrote, ‘Dear friends, Google has suspended RemoveChinaApps from Google Play Store. Thank you for giving a great response in 2 weeks.

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Mitron app also deleted
The Friends app, which competed at TikTok, has been removed from the Google Play Store. Let me tell you that this app is becoming quite popular for some time, but this debate is still going on whether this app is from India or not. A CNBC TV-18 report says that Google has now red-flagged the Mitron app and suspended it. The company has cited violation of policy.

According to the report, Google has removed it from the Google Play Store for the violation of spam and minimum functionality policy. In this policy of Google, it has been said that it is against the policy to upload the content of other apps without making changes or adding some.


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