Sending Voice Notes to WhatsApp, then a very special feature is coming for you, work will be easy


A lot of useful feature is coming on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is testing a special feature associated with voice messages, in which users can review voice messages before sending them. Learn how this feature will work for you.

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. WhatsApp is currently working on many new features which can be added on WhatsApp soon. WhatsApp has also been working on the playback speed of voice messages for a long time. This feature is still being tested. Using this feature, users can listen to any voice message at a faster or slower speed. Along with this, WhatsApp is testing another feature related to voice messages, in which the user can review the voice message before sending it. How will the new feature work? To use the existing voice message feature, you have to click on the button of the mic. After that, the user records the message by pressing the button of his voice message and the voice message goes to the other with the release of the button. (Also read- Motorola’s 1 lakh 25 thousand smartphone just got Rs 55 thousand, will get two screens and 128GB storage) After the introduction of this new voice message feature, the user will be given a review button, that means that a user can listen and can cancel before sending any voice message.See photos and videos in large size .. WhatsApp has recently released a new feature for its users. Photos and videos sent in the WhatsApp chat of the arrival of the new feature will now appear larger in size than before. Previously, if you used to send a photo to chat, then the preview of that photo was seen as a square. (Also Read- Big Sale Started On Flipkart! Bring Home Strong Smart TV For Just Rs 9,499, Huge Discounts On Cooler Also)
That is, if someone sends a long size photo to you, then when viewed in the photo preview, its pixels were torn and the photo did not look clear. After the arrival of the new feature, the preview of the photo will be seen very clearly after the arrival. That is, the size of the photo sent will be as it will appear in it.


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