…. So Facebook has signed a deal with Jio to compete TikTok


Facebook can give a tough fight to TickTalk by dealing with Jio.

Facebook is set to launch the short-form video app Lasso soon. After this deal with Jio, Facebook can benefit greatly, and Lasso can make a splash on the Internet in India.

Reliance Jio has the biggest hand in India’s Internet growth. In less than four years, Jio brought 38.8 crore Indians online. Facebook can now take advantage of this opportunity, as the two companies have joined hands on the morning of 22 April. Facebook’s deal with Jio can have a big impact on the short-format video sharing platform Ticketock. TikTok achieved much success in India in 2018 and completed 100 million downloads. Since then, downloads and users on this platform continued to grow. Currently, out of the 200 million users of TikTok in India, there are 12 crore monthly active users.

According to the report of App Annie, in 2019, TikTok completed more than 30 million downloads in India. It was reported that 44% of Totalk’s total users are India’s download numbers, which means that Indians love both making and watching videos in short format.

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Facebook set to launch ‘Lasso’According to the report, after seeing this craze of Indians, Facebook is also preparing to soon launch the short-form video app Lasso, which has been announced in the US market in 2019. Now Facebook can benefit greatly after this deal with Jio and Lasso can make a splash on the internet in India. India registered more than 400 million monthly internet users in 2019, and a large proportion of them have access to internet due to Jio.

According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Nielsen’s report India Internet 2019, about 72 percent – or about 13 million 90 million – of India’s urban Internet users use the Internet every day. About 10 million 90 million – or 57 percent – of rural users are digitally active.

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This growth of Internet users in both urban and rural markets can be attributed to Jio’s affordable data plans, which has led to a deep penetration of the Internet in India.

Apart from this, according to the 2019 EY report, Indians love two things – visiting social media networks and watching videos. Therefore, Facebook can now have both audience and reach.

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