Stop processing of data of WhatsApp users on Facebook! Germany regulator imposed ban


Online privacy in Europe since 2018 is the subject of European Union rules

This restriction has been imposed by the German regulator in view of the new terms of WhatsApp. It is considered illegal in Germany. It is known that WhatsApp has asked the users for consent to the new terms or asked to stop using the service.

New Delhi. The data regulator of Germany, taking a big step, took a tough step against the social media network Facebook (Facebook). On Whatsapp (WhatsApp) Of Users From To meet The one The data Process (Data Process) To do On Stop Have applied. This stop whatsapp by the regulator Of The new The conditions To See Hue put Has gone is Because Here it is being considered illegal. Do you know Whatsapp has Users From The new The conditions (New terms) Of for Agreement Sought is or Service Of Used Close To do To said is. Germany In Hamburg Of The data Protection Officer (Data Production Officer) Johannes Casper (Johanes Casper) has Told That this The order In Millions Users Of The rights And Freedom Of Security To do Of Try Of Has gone is that Complete Germany In Used Of The conditions To mine Agreement Giving Huh. Casper has this Decision Of Declaration Whatsapp Of The new The conditions (WhatsApp Privacy Policy) Of for Agreement To give Of 15 May Of time limit From first Of is.

Whatsapp Of Owner Facebook has said That Hamburg Of The data Protection Authority Of And From raised Gone Steps an objective Of wrong understand On Dependent is And its someone Statutory base No is. Regulator Of this Steps Of after Germany In Facebook Of Privacy Policy To With One New Front Open Gone is. From this first Germany Of Antitrust Regulator Facebook Of Against One The legal matter Fighting Stayed is.

Europe In Online Privacy comes under GDPR

2018 From Europe In Online Privacy European Union Of The rules Of Subject is, that General The data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Of Under Come is Casper has Told That Regulator mine Power Of Used Tax Facebook Of And From Whatsapp Users Of The data To Collected To do On three Month Of Stop felt Stayed is.

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Privacy Policy (privacy policy) Of The terms To Accept To do Of Time Limit Enhanced

Know whatsapp (WhatsApp) has Friday To Ours Privacy Policy To With some Disclosures Were done In which Users Of for Privacy Policy (privacy policy) Of The terms To Accept To do Of Time Limit To 15 May From ahead Increased gave is. although company has clean Tax gave That Whatsapp Of Used Do Living Of for Users To The new The conditions To Accept do Will happen or Again them Limit In Whatsapp To Used do Fall can Of accordingly, User continuously Reminder Of During Only Whatsapp Of many Feature Their available No Will remain. Its after this Limited Functionality Mode In, User mine Chat List To Access No Tax Will get, although To those Others User From Chat Will get but Only Notification Of The medium From Only they Read or Again answer Give Will get. Users Incoming Audio or Video The call To Receive Tax Can Huh, but now By company has these clean No did is That The terms To Accept not To do The ones User Audio or Again Video The call Tax Will get or No.


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