Stories are being automatically deleted in Instagram! Know what is the reason


The company says it was a bug that has now been fixed

This bug was revealed in Instagram when Twitter Facebook and Instagram are also being accused of blocking the accounts of users for criticizing the government in handling the explosive Kovid 19.

New Delhi. Instagram (Instagram), Users had to face a different kind of problem. Many users have complained that the post made by them is being deleted suddenly. Although Instagram claims he is aware of this. The company says that it was a bug that has now been fixed. Due to this bug, posts, stories and even high lights were disappearing on their own. Justifying this problem, Company Chief Adam Moseri (Adam mosseri ) Said that all this was happening due to a bug which has now been fixed.

This mess in Instagram came at a time when many activists were trying to conduct awareness campaigns about missing women. Instagram said that the technical timings were not related to any subject or place, but its effect was seen in the world where people were affected by this problem. Although the company did not mention India in this, but many activists in the country have mentioned this problem regarding the update related to Kovid 19 on Instagram. It is not clear whether Indian users have also been affected by the so-called bug.

Reshared feeds

In a post on Twitter, Instagram has said that the stories and updates that were affected due to the bug, that had disappeared on their own, were re-fed and shared. The company says that most users were affected by this bug in the US and Brazil. The people of Columbia, East Jerusalem, in particular, felt that this was done to suppress their voices and stories. But Instagram says that this was not his intention. Adam Moseri also said on Twitter that the technical glitch affected the stories, posts, highlights of millions of people worldwide. They say that many people felt that Facebook-owned Instagram deleted their posts due to social media platform content or hashtags. The company head also reiterated that the bug was not related to any subject.

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Users in India have made this charge

Indian users on Instagram have faced some difficulties in stories, posts and highlights over the last few days. It was around the same time that Instagram reported the bug. Users say that the stores and other posts related to Kovid 19 were removed. The epidemic in India has taken a serious turn where more than 3000 deaths are occurring every day in the country. The bug came to light when Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are being accused of blocking the accounts of users for criticizing the government in handling the explosive Kovid 19.


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