Strict Instagram! If such a message sent to someone’s inbox can be closed account – News18 Hindi

The popular photo-sharing app Instagram is finding strict ways to deal with hate speech abuses and bullying that users receive in their direct messages (DM). The social media platform will soon disable such accounts, which send messages that are abusive and hateful to DMs. Instagram says, ‘Our rules against hate speech do not tolerate attacks on people based on their protected characteristics, including race or religion’. Instagram says that from now on, if anyone breaks the policy, then his account will be closed.

The social media site Instagram is going to tighten its policy, in which a complaint has come against a user that if he messes dirty or abuses a post, then his Instagram account can be closed.

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At present, if the user was found guilty of sending an abusive message, then he will be banned from sending any more messages for the specified time. Also, if the user constantly sends hate messages, then his account will be closed forever.

Hate Speech Controls will become stronger
Instagram will also take strict action on such accounts, which have been specially made for abusive speech. Instagram is making the Hate Speech Controls mechanism strong.

Currently, Instagram gives business / creator accounts the option to close DM for those whom they do not follow. This avoids abusive / unnecessary messages. Now Instagram is planning to start this feature for personal accounts as well.


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