Sunday Grocery Deal: Sugar is available for only 9 rupees, buy one kg of flour and almonds for 1 rupee


Customers can also shop for just 19 rupees in ‘Today’s Deal’ of Flipkart Grocery Section.

If you are thinking of buying ration on Sunday today (28 February), then the grocery item on Flipkart can be brought home for as low as Rs 1 and Rs 19. Come learn about ‘Todays Deal’ …

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  • Last Updated:February 28, 2021, 4:22 PM IST

On Flipkart, there is a huge discount on grocery every day. Most customers feel that only goods like electronic goods, crockery can be purchased from Flipkart. But let us tell you that a huge budget can be made by shopping for grocery from Flipkart. If you are thinking of buying ration on Sunday today (28 February), then you can bring home a grocery item on Flipkart for as low as Rs 1 and Rs 19. A section of ‘Grocery’ was created on Flipkart, where a deal of 1 rupee and a deal of 19 rupees is also made available every day. In this section, different types of offers are offered on different days.

Items like desi ghee, sugar, corn flakes, biscuits are also made available to customers several times for 1 rupee. Also, many goods are being offered on the platform for 19 rupees as well. Let us know which items can be brought home on which deal on today (28 February).

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Go to Flipkart's Grocery Deal, what you can find today.

Go to Flipkart’s Grocery Deal, what you can find today.

Sugar increases for 9 rupees

If you first talk about a 19 rupee deal, then customers can bring 1 kg of Dharmpure sugar in it for 9 rupees, while a 100g Flipkart Supermart Food Corn Flex and 150ml Flipkart Hand Wash Refill is being given for Rs 19. Apart from this, in today’s 1 rupee deal, customers can buy 75g Priyagold Italiano, Pillsbury Grinder Fresh Flour for 1 rupee, and Freshly Premium California Almond of 100g can also be purchased for 1 rupee.

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Apart from this, under the bank offer, grocery can also be purchased cheaply. According to the information given, an instant discount of 10% through RBL Bank, a discount of 10% through Federal Bank and a flat unlimited cashback of 5% is also being given under Flipkart Axis Bank.


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