The color and design of WhatsApp Chat is about to change! See how the new look will look in the photo


Bubble color is about to change in WhatsApp chat.

Know which is the new feature, which will change the design of the chat ….

WhatsApp brings new features for the users of the day and now it is working on a new feature. WABetaInfo has revealed that the new feature is linked to the chat design, which will come for Dark Mode. It has been reported in the report that WhatsApp is testing a new bubble color for the dark mode, which will be launched in the coming time.

A tweet from WABetaInfo has revealed that the new feature will come for both iOS and Android users. It has been said that there is no release date for it at the moment. This feature is currently in the development stage. What this feature will really look like, a screenshot of it has also been shared in the blog. It was reported that the screenshot is of iOS version, and similar design will also be seen on Android.

What is this feature?
When the user activates dark mode on WhatsApp, the color of the outgoing bubble will be changed. How it differs from the existing bubble can be seen below.(Also read- Any photos that have been deleted from the phone will come back in jokes, try this cool trick)

WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot of the new feature.

WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot of the new feature.

It has also been said in this blog that at the moment it is not clear what is the purpose of WhatsApp to do this. Also, it is also being said that in the coming time, WhatsApp may offer many more color bubbles.

‘Search by Date’ feature is coming
Apart from the color bubble, WhatsApp is working on another feature. If you want to search for a message sent / received on a particular day, then this feature can be easily found from the date i.e. Search by date. According to the report of WABetainfo, this feature is currently under development, testing on it Is going on But it will come soon. This feature will be the first to be used in the iPhone, after which it will be released for Android devices as well.

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