The Indian mobile CEO’s new mobile game is making players a spy, know what is in this game …


The new mobile game is making people spies.

A new mobile game brought by the British CEO of Indian origin is in great news these days, in which players are playing crime-solving policemen detectives. The game was released to the entire world this week …

London. A new mobile game brought by the British-origin Indian CEO of Studio Noir (BAFTA), named the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA), is in the news these days with players becoming crime-solving police detectives playing the game. Nihal Tharoor and co-founder Benedict Tetham released the murder mystery game ‘Dead Man’s Phone’ to the whole world this week. Last year, more than 2,00,000 downloads were made in the beta version before its launch.

Designed as an interactive crime drama, the player becomes the main character of the story and puts together evidence to solve the fictional murder of a London-based teenager, Jerome Jacobs, who has been pushed from the balcony and the phone He is found dead in his hand.

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This phone is the main feature of this crime-solving anecdote. Tharoor said about it, ‘This concept takes advantage of the smartphone through which the player goes through the story in a new style. Our phones are small forms of our lives and we all know their usage very closely. These are the most accurate things to tell mysterious communicative stories. There will be a news app on the players’ phones that will report the arrests made by them, an app attached to the map.

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Here they can find out the live location of the suspects, there will be a social media app where they can run a viral campaign and even there will be a zoom app for police interviews at home. Tharoor hopes that through this idea he will start a new trend and those who do not play the game will be attracted to it.

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