These 30 apps in your phone are dangerous! Google removed, you also delete immediately

Google has deleted 30 popular apps from its Play Store, in which there are many such apps which add beauty filters to your photos. Google has taken this step due to malicious malware in the application. By the way, now these apps cannot be downloaded from Google play store, but the worrying thing is that still 2 crore people have downloaded these apps.

Among the more than 30 apps with malware, the most dangerous third-party selfie apps have been found. Security researcher WhiteOps said that these apps deceive users, and without clicking on any link, they open the idle ads and website in the phone.

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WhiteOps has released a list of these 30 apps, which have been removed from the Google Play Store. If you have downloaded any of these, please delete them immediately .. Let’s see which are those apps.>>Yoriko Camera- 1 Lakh
>>Solu Camera-5 Lakh
>>Lite Beauty Camera-10 Lakh
>>Beauty Collage Lite-5 Lakh
>>Beauty and Filters camera-1 million
>>Photo Collage and beauty camera-1 Lakh

>>Gaty Beauty Camera-5 Lakh
>>Pand Selife Beauty Camera-50k
>> Cartoon Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera- 10 Lakh
>>Benbu Seilfe Beauty Camera- 10 Lakh
>>Pinut Selife Beauty and Photo Editor -10 Lakh
>>Mood Photo Editor and Selife Beauty Camera -5 Lakh
>>Rose Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera-10 Lakh
>>Selife Beauty Camera and Photo Editor-1 Lakh
>>Fog Selife Beauty Camera- 1 Lakh
>>First Selife Beauty Camera and Photo Editor- 50 Lakh
>>Vanu Selife Beauty Camera – 1 Lakh
>>Sun Pro Beauty Camera- 10 Lakhs
>>Funny Sweet Beauty Camera- 5 Lakh
>>Little Bee Beauty Camera- 10 Lakhs
>>Beauty Camera and Photo Editor Pro- 10 Lakh
>>Grass Beauty Camera- 10 Lakhs
>>Ele Beauty Camera- 10 Lakhs
>>Flower Beauty Camera – 1 Lakh
>> Best Selfie Beauty Camera- 10 Lakhs
>>Orange Camera- 5 Lakh
>>Sunny Beauty Camera – 10 Lakhs
>>Pro Selfie Beauty Camera -5 Lakh
>Selfie Beauty Camera Pro – 10 Lakhs
>>Elegant Beauty Cam-2019-50k

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According to WhiteOps, in many cases it has also been found that users are not able to delete these apps once downloaded. According to the report, these apps were designed to show bundled ads in users’ phones. After publishing the first app, the fraudsters published a new app almost every 11th day. The researcher has told that most of these apps are present in the Play Store for about 17 days before they are deleted.


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