These 5 powerful features are coming on WhatsApp, from password to chat to multi device support

New Delhi. WhatsApp is currently working on many features updates, which will be launched soon. Some of these features are new and some features have been updated. WhatsApp is testing beta versions of some of these features on both Android and iOS platforms. Features of WhatsApp such as multiple device support, (multi-device support) encrypted backup, archived chats, and 24 hours for messages to be deleted. We will tell you each of these WhatsApp features in detail.

Multiple Device Support: Multiple device support is the most feature of WhatsApp. This feature allows the user to use the same account on more than one device. Right now it is only possible on the web and desktop, but only when the primary device is nearby. According to the reports, WhatsApp is giving support to use one account on four devices.

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Archived Chats: WhatsApp is updating the archived chats features. Chats archived in the new update will remain archived and will not appear in the chat list. Archived chats will not be visible even if new messages arrive. However, the user will have the option of seeing it or not. This feature was previously known as ‘Vacation Mode’ or ‘Read Later’, but now WhatsApp has changed its original name to ‘Archived Chat’.Automatically delete a message: Whatsapp feature, after enabling it, the message from your chat list will be automatically deleted after 7 days. Now in this feature, WhatsApp is now reducing the time of 7 days to 24 hours. Along with this, WhatsApp is working on the feature of deleting the image of the message as well as deleting the message.

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Encrypted chat backup: WhatsApp’s chats are backup and to and encrypted, but those stores are either in Google Drive or on any other cloud host which threatens the privacy of your chats. Now WhatsApp is protecting your chat backup with a password, which will increase the privacy of your chat and only you will be able to access it.

Instagram Reels: WhatsApp is soon giving the option to show the reels of Instagram on WhatsApp, like you watch videos of YouTube and Facebook on WhatsApp.


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