These new features coming in Google search engine, many tasks will be easier than before


New features are coming in Google search engine.

Google has launched many new features in the last few months, and now the company has also introduced its ‘search engine’ with new features.

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  • Last Updated:November 28, 2020, 4:08 PM IST

The giant software company Google is making new changes in its technology in the coming days. Google has added new features to its many options from the past few months. Now the company has equipped its ‘Google Search Engine’ with some new features. According to a report, these new features of the company are very convenient for the user. It is being told that during search, many options will be available to the users. Let’s know about these new features of Google search engine.

Google merges search query
According to the new features in the search engine, any topic will be merged and introduced during the search. With this, users will get more good results during searching. Suppose if you search for ‘turkey’ and similar words on Google, then the new search feature will merge both words through ‘carving’. Explain that Google has labeled this search option as ‘Sustained based on your recent activity’.

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The next feature in the search engine will offer users many options related to searching a topic. Understand by example, if a user searches for a perfect family-friendly flick, due to the new feature, Google search will show a list of films similar to this topic which will help to sharpen his mind.

These features were first added
At the same time, Google can also equip its ‘People Also Ask’ section with many questions related to search. Please tell that before this, Google had added ‘AI features’ for ‘fader search’. Google had added this feature to AI features ‘Spelling Recognition’ Passage Recognition, to understand all the topics of certain Topkis, and to understand the ‘Key-Moment’ in the video. The company also added a ‘new spelling algorithm’ which improves the detection of ‘mistakes in spelling’.

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This feature is important for the company
According to Google, the ‘spelling algorithm’ uses the ‘deep neural net’ technique to identify the wrong spelling and present the correct word in three milliseconds. The Columbia-based software giant claims that the ‘new AI spelling feature’ is the most important of their efforts in the last five years to identify spelling mistsake.


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