These popular apps are the Indian options of WhatsApp, TicketTalk, PUBG and Twitter, equipped with special features

WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok application in India is quite popular and new features are added to it to provide users with better experience. But now a lot of options are available in the market to compete with these apps. Recently Twitter has seen a sudden increase in the popularity of the Indian app Koo (Koo. Also the Moose app is becoming quite popular after the departure of TickTock. Also if you have a similar one after PUBG game gets banned If you want to play the game, then the Made in India game FAU-G is available for you.

Koo: Koo was launched in March last year and won the Government of India’s ‘Self-reliant App Challenge’. This app was developed by the incomparable Radhakrishna. The user base of the application has reached 30 lakhs and for the second Indian Alternatives of popular social media platform, this app has run a type of re-discovery campaign.

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Koo’s big advantage over Twitter is that it allows you to post Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese and more. Some more languages ​​are also going to be added to the future.Sandes: Messages can be used as an alternative to Facebook’s WhatsApp. It has been made in India, which is currently under-testing stage and is being used by government officials for communication. Like the messaging platform, many features have been given in it.

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Friends (Mitron): After TikTok leaves the Indian market, one of the apps that is trying to grab its place is the Friends app. After the initial difficulties, the app started to gain some attrac- tion as it was similar to TicTalk and made it easy for users to switch.

Moj: Currently, TikTok’s most popular option in India is the Moj app, whose demand has increased significantly since launch and managed to cross 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store in January of this year, just six months after launch.

FAU-G: After PUBG is banned in India, if you are looking for another option, then you can play the Indian battle game military. This Made in India game has been developed by Bangalore based mobile game maker company nCore Games, in which many special features have been given.


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