This app will change iPhone to Android, users will be able to enjoy Samsung Galaxy


Samsung launches iTest web app

Samsung (Samsung) has given the facility to access the Galaxy Store, change themes and explore the Samsung Camera app in this app. Samsung said that you can take the test of Samsung Galaxy smartphones without changing the phone.

The new Delhi. Carian Smartphone Manufacturer Samsung (Samsung) Has designed such an app IPhone What Android In change Will give. Its For Samsung has ITEST (iTest) Web The app Launch did is. This app Of help From Iphone Users Ours Device On Premium Samsung Galaxy smart Fone Of Feel Take Can Huh.

It is seen that people often switch from Android smartphones to iPhones. But Samsung operates on the contrary. It is known that only last month, California tech giant Apple defeated Samsung and won the title of the top smartphone vendor in the world. This was the first time in the last four years when Apple had lagged behind Samsung’s smartphone market. However, only a few days after that, Samsung had named the number one title in the case of Apple’s Phan 5G Speed. According to the report, Samsung devices were connected to the 5G network and they achieved the highest downlaid speed.

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Samsung according to information Of this Web The app To Use To do Of For Iphone Users To iphone Of Safari or Chrome Browser Of help From Samsung iTest Website To open do Will happen. Here Users To Iphone Of home The screen On Web The app Add To do Of the option will get. him Add To do Of after You Iphone In Present Any The second The app Of Kind him Launch Tax Can Huh. him Launch To do Of after The screen On Android As The interface Visible Will take. although, this The interface In The screen On lamps 100% Function work No do, but you iOS On Android Of Feel Of course The mill Will go.

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Without Phone Change Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Of Test

company this Web The app Of inside Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Watch 3 And Galaxy Buds Live like Products To Too Promotions Tax doing is. Iphone Users To Woo Of For Samsung has this The app In Galaxy Store Access To do, Themes To change And Samsung The camera The app Explore To do Of Facility Given is. Samsung has said That You Without Phone Change Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Of Test Take Can Huh. company Of said That Users To Samsung In The switch To do Of For more To think Of The need No is.


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