This Indian app is giving a tough competition to TikTok, 25 lakh people downloaded in a few days – News18 Hindi

Due to increasing tension on LAC in Ladakh region and PM Modi’s Vocal for Local Appeal, many Indians have uninstalled many Chinese apps from their smartphones. At present, there is an anti-China wave in India, whose goods and services are suffering. The spark to boycott Chinese goods is now growing rapidly in the direction of smuggling many apps and goods from China. This Chingari of India is now seen to be overshadowing TikTok.

The boycott of Chinese products has seen a decline in the number of users of the social media app TikTok created by China, while on the other hand the Chingari app made in India is fast replacing TikTok and millions of people leave TikTok and Chingari app Downloading.

According to the news published in the Times of India, the Chingari app is an Indian TikTok version created by the developer of Chhattisgarh, which is becoming very popular in the digital entertainment world at the moment.

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Chimari’s Chief of Product Sumit Ghosh told the newspaper that the developers of Odisha and Karnataka are also associated with this app. About 25 lakh people have downloaded this app so far. Ghosh further said that the Chingari app was released on Google Play in 2018 and was made keeping in mind the needs and demand of Indian users.

Ghosh says that at this time we are getting tremendous response from Indian users, due to which more than 25 lakh people have downloaded the Spark app so far. Apart from Ghosh, Biswatma Nayak of Orissa, Siddharth Gautam of Karnataka are also developers of Chingari app.

On this occasion Ghosh also said that Chingari app is the only app made in India as a complete alternative to TikTok app. This Chingari app is available in other regional languages ​​of India besides English.

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How does Chingari App work?
Videos can be uploaded and downloaded in the Spark app. Apart from this, creativity can be done with chatting with friends, interacting with new people, WhatsApp status with browsing through feeds, videos, audio clips, GIF stickers and photos.


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