This is a big problem coming in Gmail, Spam is filling inbox with mail


A bug was found in Gmail a few days ago.

Google (Google) ‘s popular email service Gmail (bug in Gmail has been fixed. Due to this bug users’ mail box was flooded with spam mail for a long time. Promotional email, marketing mail, though spam Go to the folder, but due to the bug they started coming directly to the inbox. The problem was first reported by the Android Police. Due to this bug many users faced a lot of trouble and they started social media. But also complained about it.

There was a complaint from Gmail users from all over the world that there was a spate of spam messages in their inboxes. This is happening because the Google service is struggling with the problem of its email filters. On this, Google said that the glut of spam was actually a part of the big problem, due to which there was a delay in sending and receiving emails.

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As a result of this, some messages got delayed, due to which the message was delivered without checking all the spam. Google said that during this time, scan to filter malware and the most dangerous spam and dangerous content has been fully operating. .(ALSO READ- Alert! These 25 Apps Are Dangerous For Your Phone; Google Removed, You Also Delete)


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