This is the world’s most popular game, also behind PUBG and Call of Duty

Slap Kings became the most popular game in the world.

According to the report, Slap Kings became the most popular on both Android and iOS platforms in March 2020 …

If you usually think that which is the most popular game in the world, then PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty may come to your mind. But actually it is not so, because both of them have been defeated by a game called Slap Kings. In March 2020, Slap Kings became the most popular on both Android and iOS platforms, according to a report by Sensantower.

The Slap King game has been created by Lion Studios and it encourages you to be the ‘best slap in the world’. There is no need to be confused, because this game contains Artificial Intelligence players, in which the opportunity to slap each other is given.

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The trick to winning the game is to slap the opponent with the maximum possible power so that you can finish his health bar at the fastest speed. The one who is able to do this kicks the opponent out (actually flies him out of the ring!) And wins the match. For example, in the game, the style of slapping Flaming Pam, leading to another player There is a lot of damage to health, on the other hand, there is a golden fire fist style. The size of this game on the Google Play Store is 102 MB.

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Throughout the match, there is a ‘slap-o-meter’, which appears just above the other player’s head in the ring as you stand in front of each other. The game also has some additional features like power boost which are available for a limited time. Defense helmets are also available to overcome some tough slaps coming from the opponent’s side.


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