Today’s Best Deal! Bring home almonds and sugar for 1 rupees, do ration shopping for 19 rupees


Customers can also shop for just 1 rupee in ‘Today’s Deal’ of Flipkart Grocery Section.

If you are thinking of buying ration today (March 13), then the grocery item on Flipkart can be brought home at a price as low as Rs. 1 and Rs. 19. Come learn about ‘Todays Deal’ …

On Flipkart, there is a huge discount on different items on the grocery every day. Most of us buy only daily items and items like electronic items, (electronic items) from Flipkart. But do you know that a huge budget can be made by shopping for grocery from Flipkart. If you are thinking of buying ration on the weekend i.e. today (March 13), then a grocery item can be brought home on Flipkart for as low as Rs 1 and Rs 19.

A section of ‘Grocery’ was created on Flipkart, where a deal of 1 rupee and a deal of 19 rupees is also made available every day. In addition, bank offers are also being given on grocery deals.

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Talking about a deal of 1 rupee and 19 rupees, different offers are offered on different days in this section. Items like semolina, kabuli chana, desi ghee, sugar are also made available to customers several times for 1 rupee. Also, many goods are being offered on the platform for 19 rupees as well. Let us know which goods can be brought home on which deal on today (13 March).Almonds and many items for 1 rupee

If you first talk about a 1-rupee deal, then customers can also buy 100g of Formal Premium California Almond, 1kg Rajdhani Chakki atta, and Dhampur Sulfurless sugar for Rs. 1. Apart from this, customers can also bring home 15g Manna Go Grain- Multi Grain Instant Health Drink Mix Chocolate for Rs. 1.

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At the same time, in today’s deal of 19 rupees, customers can also bring a biscuit of 336g Orion Choco Pie Chocolate. Apart from this, 700ml Polyproplene Grocery Container can also be brought home from Flipkart for Rs 19.


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