User login in WhatsApp will be more secure! Only these users will be able to take advantage, know everything


New Delhi. WhatsApp is going to change its login OTP soon. In the new change, it will be more secure, while WhatsApp’s existing login OTP message will be a thing of the past, or will be optional. According to the latest report by WABetaInfo, according to which WhatsApp is testing a feature called Flash Call, which aims to replace the existing authentication of WhatsApp login of users, which uses One Time Password (OTP).

In flash calls, it will be necessary for the user to give their WhatsApp access from their phone dialer and also in the call list. Although this feature will be optional, but given that WhatsApp login flash call can be considered as a more secure option. But as said only some users will be able to use it and those users are iOS users of Android will not be able to use this more secure login feature at the moment.

For Flash call feature, users will have to give permission in the app.
For WhatsApp Flash Call feature, users will have to give permission in the app. Once the permission is approved, then automatically the WhatsApp server will call from the user’s phone and then it will be disconnected automatically. By doing this, the old method of WhatsApp in which the OTP password had to be updated manually whenever they attempted to login, would be eliminated. As it came to light in the last few days that many scammers were making hacking attempts for a long time. In the recent hack, it was revealed that a hacker had stolen all the information of the user by accessing his OTP.

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WhatsApp will only access the call log and dialer once
According to the beta report, this feature is still being worked on and WhatsApp is looking for the best way to offer it to the users. The WhatsApp automatic verification call screen currently revealed in the beta update report tells the app why it needs permissions, with a single-line promise that WhatsApp will only access the call log and dialer once, not after that. The screen will also connect the users to the page detailing the verification details along with the call process.

That’s why iPhone users will not be able to use
However, even if the feature debuts for Android, iOS users will not have access to the feature, which is why Apple does not offer an API that gives any app access to a user’s dialer and call list, Which means that all iPhone users will depend on OTP to log in to WhatsApp. The calling service should help the app deal with scammers, as it bypasses all manual inputs and therefore gives no way for attackers to attempt to forcibly take over users’ accounts.


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