Using this feature of Android phone, TikTok spied reports of users


TikTok was tracking users’ data using the MAC address of Android.

Ticketlock is tracking data of Android users through MAC address. The report stated that Tittock had collected a MAC address for about 15 months.

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  • Last Updated:August 12, 2020, 10:41 AM IST

Tiktok (TikTok) has been in discussion for quite some time and now another big news is coming about it. It has been learned that Ticketlock is tracking the data of Android users through MAC address. A MAC address is a unique digital identifier that is attached to all phones and cannot be reset. According to a Wall Street Journal report, TikTok can do this using a hidden layer of encryption, which is a violation of Google’s app policy.

The report stated that Ticketcock had collected MAC addresses for about 15 months and that tracking ended in November last year. A TickTalk spokesperson said the company was committed to protecting the privacy and safety of the Ticketock community. It was further stated that TikTok like its peers constantly updates its app to deal with security challenges.

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The statement also confirms that the current version of TicketLock does not collect MAC addresses. Also, it was also said, ‘We always encourage our users to download the latest version of TicTalk’. A representative of Google said that it is investigating these claims of the company.TikTok banned in India and US

For information, let us tell you that recently US President Donald Trump has ordered a ban on Tittock. They have called this app a threat to the security of the country. According to the order, the Chinese company, which runs America Ticketcock, will not do any business with BiteDance for the next few days. Trump has alleged that TicketLock gives the data of users to the Chinese government. Let us know that in June this year, India also banned Tiktok.


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