What is a virtual rally? How does it work with new technology

In terms of population, the rally is important when it comes to the electoral campaign in the largest democracy in India. Through the rally, the hearts and minds of large masses can be affected. But, since there is a risk of infection due to crowd gathering in the era of Coronavirus, now political parties are moving towards a digital or virtual rally. A virtual rally is ahead of social media usage like Facebook Live (FB Live), Youtube and Zoom meetings.

This kind of rally is not only being organized under real time event, but some brands and companies are also offering services like planning and timeline tracking. In this, along with video, you can count graphic, poll and other information. Some companies are also providing statistics and data related to attendance, activities and mail etc. in the virtual rally after the rally. Now it is important to know how these rallies take place and what are the aspects of technology in it.

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Titled Bihar Jan Samvad, Amit Shah addressed BJP workers through a virtual rally.

Virtual rally is in the headlines with Amit Shah’s rally

The home minister of the country, Amit Shah, organized a massive virtual rally in connection with the upcoming elections in Bihar, reaching about 5 lakh workers. Since then, there has been a discussion about the election rallies going digital. The question is how big is the network of media and internet in India, and with the digitization of politics, which population will be able to connect with electoral campaigns and which will not? On the other hand, there is a digital revolution in India on the one hand, on the other hand, poverty, illiteracy as well as remote areas do not have access to many facilities.

Now a flood of virtual rallies will come
After the recent virtual rally in Bihar, Amit Shah is going to do a similar rally in Odisha. After this, the BJP will hold about 1000 similar rallies in the state in view of the upcoming elections in West Bengal. On the other hand, Trinamool Congress and regional parties of Bihar have also started making strategies regarding virtual rallies. Some other political parties, including the BJP, believe that if the circumstances of the Kovid epidemic remain the same, then it would be difficult to get real rallies.

Rallies have been very popular till now
As per the data reported in the news, Narendra Modi had 437 big rallies under the BJP campaign and attended a total of 5827 public functions in connection with the 2014 elections. At the same time, in view of the 2019 elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi rallied more than Narendra Modi. Thousands of people gathered in these rallies and the leaders were reaching millions of people on TV. Now we know about the limitations and techniques of virtual rallies.

Now digital will be the mantra
The future of treatment of Kovid 19 will depend on what the future of the rallies will be. Nevertheless, an aggressive approach towards digitization has already started and it is going to grow further. Digital wings of political parties are constantly making strategies according to new techniques and ideas. Not only is spending wildly on social media, but data analysis is being discussed. At the same time, the parties are trying to make their rural workers a tech savvy.

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The BJP refused to consider Shah’s virtual rally as an election rally.

Limitations of virtual rallies
Political parties may focus on virtual rallies based on different themes and ideas in the near future. It is also being said that there may be plans to broadcast these rallies on TV as well. On the other hand, it is clear about their limitations that at first these rallies are still one-sided dialogue and on the other hand, are proving to be very expensive. how? Learn by example.

How much did Amit Shah’s recent virtual rally in Bihar cost? Thousands of LED screens and smart TVs were installed to spread the Shah’s communication to the workers of 72 thousand booths in the state. RJD alleged that the government spent Rs 144 crore on this rally.

Clever use of mediums
Apart from TV, the use of national channels of radio will remain in the hands of the ruling party and through private channels or Radio FM other parties can do virtual campaigning. Since the cost of Virtual Rally will be very high now, the win will be won by clever use of communication mediums. Through smartphones, parties can make a strategy to reach crores of people. Messenger, video call and meeting apps including WhatsApp can be used.

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Following Shah’s virtual rally, a round of reactions continues on Twitter and social media.

New technologies will decide the future
After the introduction of virtual rallies and election campaigns through smart phones, social media and popular media, this market will grow and new technologies or ideas will come. Many technology companies will create innovative technologies or platforms specifically for political parties. Right now video meetings or dialogues are becoming prevalent with technologies like Zoom Cloud, but there is a need to create better forums for rallies so that rallies can be spent and feel alive.

However, it is the fact that increasing the digital reach in India over time will determine the future of virtual election campaigns. Because right now this experiment will be largely accessible only to the urban voters. However, the digitization of political parties is going to be a great story in the coming days, it is certain.

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