What is Google Takeout and how to use it? Photos and data will be saved easily

The company has now limited the facility of uploading unlimited data in Google Photos. The company will now charge more than 15 GB data. In such a situation, users are transferring their old data to other drives to avoid this charge. But Google (Google) has also solved it. For this, the company has brought ‘Google Takeout’ service.

Google Takeout is a service that allows you to select and store data from multiple apps in your Google account. In this, you can download and save all your photos from Google Drive files, contacts, YouTube videos and most importantly ‘Google Photos’.

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How to use Google Takeout Service>> For this, first you have to login your Google account.

>> After this you have to log in to takeout dot google dot com (takeout.google.com.).

>> When the site opens, you click on Disable All.

>> This will ensure that your other device’s data will not be deleted.

>> After that you scroll down to select Google Photos.

>> Then click on Next Step. After this, you have to set a time limit to export photos from Google Photos to Google Takeout.

>> In this, you will be given a deadline to export once and every two months in the year.

>> In this, you have to choose a format from zip files or tgz files for photos. When you have done this, after this you will have to click on ‘Create Export’.

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Google will send a mail to your account for your identity and selection decision. After this, a mail ‘An archive of Google data has been requested’ will come in your account. You must approve it. Once it is approved, Google will send all your data to your account.

You can also download this data in your smartphone and laptop and then you can upload it to another cloud service or save it to a hard drive.


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