WhatsApp launches Vaccine sticker pack, will be aware for COVID-19 vaccine


WhatsApp has introduced Vaccines for All Sticker Pack.

WhatsApp App in association with World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a sticker pack named ‘Vaccines for All’, through which people will be able to connect with each other.

Facebook (Facebok) ‘s instant messaging platform WhatsApp (WhatsApp) has launched a new sticker pack, called Vaccines for All. This has been presented by the company towards spreading awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine and as an appreciation of the efforts of health workers around the world. WhatsApp said, ‘WhatsApp app in association with World Health Organization (WHO) is launching a sticker pack named’ Vaccines for All ‘(Vaccine for all). We hope that people will be able to connect with each other through these stickers’.

WhatsApp said in its blog that stickers will also be used to show respect for the Healthcare Heroes who save the lives of people in this difficult period.

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, WhatsApp has worked with more than 150 national, provincial and local governments and organizations such as WHO, UNICEF to provide helpline support for COVID-19 to more than 2 billion users. They get correct information and resources. Last year, more than 3 billion messages were sent to these global helplines.

The Sticker Pack brings 23 different stickers to the Vaccine for All WhatsApp, created in partnership with WHO. It is available for download on both Android and iOS and aims to ‘give people joy, relief and hope about the possibilities offered by the COVID-19 vaccine.’

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WhatsApp said in the blog that right now people in many countries are meeting each other less often, but it is expected that through WhatsApp, people share their thoughts, experiences and expectations with their family and friends without any hindrance Will keep doing


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