WhatsApp update: new feature will remove the biggest difficulty of users, know how will work


There is an option to shift chat between iOS and Android on WhatsApp.

There is a feature coming on WhatsApp that people have always been waiting for. According to a report by WABetaInfo, Facebaku’s app WhatsApp is going to soon introduce a feature that will allow chat history migration between iOS and Android. If you have ever switched from Android phone to iPhone, then you know what to lose WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp allows you to backup your chats in Google (Google Drive) (for Android users) and iCloud (for iPhone users).

Understand this in such a way that if you switch from one Android phone to another Android phone or from one iPhone to another iPhone then you can back up WhatsApp chat, but if you switch from Android phone to iPhone, the app is a device Does not support migrating from other device and in such a situation you are not able to backup WhatsApp chat and your chat history is over.

WhatsApp also tells the same on its FAQ page that if you switch from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone, then users cannot transfer chat.

Whatsapp future updateHowever, this may change soon and WhatsApp users can get the facility to transfer chat to different devices. The report claimed that the future update of the app to iOS and Android will enable users to transfer the chat history.

The screenshot shared in the report appears to be the iOS version of the app as the screen title is ‘Move Chats to Android’, followed by two options – “Update Now” and “Not Now”, which can be inferred The new feature of WhatsApp will give permission to move chat between Android phones to iPhone.

When users try to link a device with a different operating system to their WhatsApp account, they always need to update the latest WhatsApp update available on the App Store or TestFlight, so that any update with Android version Compatibility error can be avoided. Currently, the launch date of this feature has not been revealed.


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