WhatsApp users’ phone numbers are visible on Google, you can save yourself like this …

This feature is going to join whatsapp soon

WhatsApp users do not know that using click to chat, their number is coming in the Google search index, which is risky and at the same time it will increase the risk of getting spam calls.

Recently, a shocking case has surfaced regarding WhatsApp. A researcher has told that the number of WhatsApp users is present in Google (phone number) search and anyone can search and message. Actually, this mess is happening due to the Click to Chat feature of WhatsApp. With this feature of WhatsApp, users can create URL link or QR code. This allows other people to stay connected without using the number or using the link or code to save the number in the contact. By the way, this feature makes things very easy, especially for those who use WhatsApp for business. But the thing to think about is that this makes your number public and anyone can search it on Google.

There is a lot of debate about whether WhatsApp has done this intentionally or is it a bug. But what Google did the algorithm is that we removed all the phone numbers from the metadata of Click to chat, which were then saved in the Google Search Index.

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In a conversation with Threatpost, the security researcher has described it as a case of leaks. At the same time, Facebook and WhatsApp say that this is not a big deal. The Google search result is the same that the users themselves have selected to make it public. However, it does not matter whether it is some kind of leak or something, but what is important is that WhatsApp users do not know. By using click to chat, their number is coming in Google search index, which is risky and at the same time it will increase the risk of getting spam calls.

Save yourself like this
So if you also fear that your number may not even come up on Google, then one way to avoid it is that you do not use the click to chat feature. Apart from this, if you have already used it, then you will have to manually delete it. For this, you will have to delete any click to chat link from the public accessible website itself.

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