WhatsApp’s new campaign will give people this important information on TV including mobile!


WhatsApp has started the ‘it’s between you’ campaign.

Through this campaign, she will explain how Indians use Facebook owned platforms to stay in contact with each other …

new Delhi. WhatsApp has started its brand campaign ‘It’s Between You’ in India. The company has said that through this campaign, it will reveal how Indians use Facebook-owned platform to stay in contact with each other. For this campaign, WhatsApp has hired the services of Bollywood director Gauri Shinde and advertising agency BBDO India.

Under this, WhatsApp will create two advertisements that will show how the features of sending its messages, making video calls or sending voice messages connect people to each other.

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The number of WhatsApp users in India is more than 400 million and it is among its biggest markets. Avinash Pant, Director (Marketing), Facebook India, said, “Through this campaign true stories will be told about how Indians keep in touch with their near and dear ones daily through WhatsApp.” The kind who are far away from their friends and family. This is a great way to stay in contact with them.

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He told that one of these advertisements is related to an elderly woman and her caretaker. The second ad is about two sisters. WhatsApp ran a similar campaign in Brazil this year. Pant said that this campaign will be run across the country for 10 weeks on several national and regional television channels and digital platforms.


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