WhatsApp’s new feature! Now this special button will be found in front of every Forwaded message

WhatsApp has introduced such a feature for its users, which will now help in curbing fake news. WhatsApp has launched a new ‘search the web’ feature, which is specifically to prevent fake news. This new feature has just started in select countries. It has not been launched in India yet. This new feature of WhatsApp will also be available for the latest version on Android, iOS and WhatsApp web.

What is the new ‘Search’ feature?
According to WhatsApp’s blog, a search button will be created in front of the message on the web with the feature named ‘Search the Web’. You can click on the magnifying glass (search button) icon with the message, after which you will be redirected to your phone’s default browser, where the message will be uploaded.

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Important note: This search button will appear only in front of the Forwaded Message.

According to the blog, the feature will allow users to upload messages for the browser, but WhatsApp will not be able to read those messages, meaning that this will not affect the privacy of the user on WhatsApp. For information, let us tell you that this feature has been started in Brazil, Italy, Arland, Mexico, Spain, UK and USA.

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Several steps taken to stop fake news
Before this, many big steps have been taken to stop fake news, one of which was to set ‘limit’ for the message forward. With this move of the company, users can forward the message to only one chat at a time. Earlier, on WhatsApp, the message could be forwarded to 5 chats at a time.


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