WhatsApp’s new messenger app, you can talk to 50 people at once


Use Whatsapp messenger room like this

From the WhatsApp messenger room, users can connect up to 50 people simultaneously on a single video call.

Due to the spread of Coronavirus in the country, all the states have given the facility of work from home. In work from home, people are comfortable doing office work at home with social distancing. But the biggest problem in this was the communication gap, due to which Facebook launched the Messenger Rooms feature some time ago. With the help of this feature, adding 50 people at once can be easily talked about.

This feature has now been launched by WhatsApp as well, so that 50 people can be connected together in a room. So let’s know how to use the feature …

This is necessary to create a room
First of all, for this feature of WhatsApp, it is necessary for the users to have a Facebook account. Also, users should have the latest version of Facebook Messenger app and Facebook login. This feature is the same for Android, iPhone and desktop. To create or join the room, there should be the latest Android version of WhatsApp.How to create Whatsapp messenger room

First open WhatsApp, then go to the Call tab. As soon as you open the Call tab, you will see the Create a room option in it, click on it, then click on Continue in the Messenger option. Now you will be redirected to the Messenger app or Messenger website through a mobile browser because the room feature works outside WhatsApp. Now tap on Try it.

Name the Messenger Room
After clicking on Try it, tap Create Rooms and enter the room name. In the last click on Send Link on WhatsApp. This will re-open WhatsApp. After its re-opening, you search and add from your contact list to whomever you want to add to it. If you want to share the link of the room with someone, search the group chats. After this, tap on the Arrow button to share.

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