When will PUBG launch in India? How much will be different from before? Learn the answers to all the questions related to the game

PUBG Game Lovers are waiting for the day when their life-loving game will return to PUBG. However, the return of the game has just been announced but the curtain has not been removed from when this game will be launched in India. In India, PUBG is going to knock very soon with its new name ‘PUBG Mobile India’. About 25 per cent of PUBG’s global gamer is from India. Now its fans in India are sitting around looking. At the same time, links to Mobile India’s Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels have also been released on the PUBG website. The company has also released its first teaser. Let’s know the complete details about it.

When will PUBG return in India?
There is a lot of speculation about the launch of PUBG in India. But PUBG Corporation and its Indian subsidiary have not yet made any official announcement of its withdrawal. Currently, the company has a banner of ‘Coming Soon’ on its website. But the news is that the countdown has started and the game is going to be launched very soon.

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On this, PUBG Corporation says that ‘PUBG Mobile India’ is very important for Indian game lovers. Keeping in mind the Indian gamers, many changes have been made in the game. A virtual simulation training ground has now been established in it. In the new version, there will be some characters who will start changing clothes themselves, while ‘Green Hit Effects’ have been added to reflect the virtual nature of the game. The most important thing in the new version will be that it will also have a game timer. That is, the company is going to add this feature to the gamer’s health and keeping in mind the earlier accidents.

Microsoft company gets responsibility
PubG Corporation (PUBG Corporation) and parent company Krafton (KRAFTON) are working with Microsoft (Microsoft) to use the Microsoft Azure cloud service to host PubG mobile game data. Let us know that in October 2017, the PUBG game was handed over from Amazon Web Service to Microsoft Azure (Mircorsoft Azure) for the Xbox version. According to a report, any gamer IDs previously banned will not be migrated to PUBG Mobile India game.

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Krafton will invest
Let us know that Krafton, the patent company of PUBG Corporation, is going to invest 100 million dollars in this game in India. Also, ‘PubG Mobile India Game’ will work under a subsidiary of India. But no information has been revealed on when the game will be launched in India and when it will be approved by the Government of India. The company’s website still has the tag of ‘Coming Soon’ of the game.

Why was pubji banned on mobile
PUBG Mobile was banned in the country in September of the current year due to security reasons. During that time, the Government of India had banned 118 Chinese apps. Which included apps like Ludo World, Apus Launcher, Aliplay and Super Clean. At the same time, on 29 June, 59 Chinese apps, including the famous video app Tick Talk, were banned under Section 69A of the IT Act.

It is illegal to download PUBG mobile
Technically speaking, ever since the game has been banned, the government directive clearly states that downloading or updating the game in unofficial ways or trying to access its online details by bypassing the restrictions is illegal in India. And is illegal.

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No statement from the government
Does PUBG Corporation and its Indian entity PUBG Mobile India have permission to launch it? Let me tell you that no official statement has been received from the pubji corporation or the Government of India on approving and allowing the release of the game.


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