Who is the boss of Twitter, which has caused the trump

Social media’s big platform Twitter has directly taken on the most powerful person in the world. While tweeting the tweets of US President Donald Trump as a liar, Twitter cited its accountability, on the other hand, Trump was furious at the tweets being false, false or inflammatory. Trump first accused Twitter of interfering in the US elections and then threatened to close his Twitter account.

Trump also warned directly that the dictatorship of Twitter will not be tolerated. At the same time, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took full responsibility for this use of Twitter. However, there are many aspects of this conflict between Trump and Twitter. How did the war between the two begin? What is it worth to know about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey taking the trump? Also, do not get to know why the credibility of Facebook is coming down in the Trump vs Twitter battle.

The Trump administration and Trump himself have expressed anger against Twitter.

How did the ruckus begin?Trump’s two tweets, which use Twitter regularly, were flagged as tweets claiming to be false on Tuesday. A Twitter spokesperson was quoted in the news as saying that the steps were taken by Twitter last month to regulate the misleading news related to pandemic Kovid 19, which were made under the same rules.

What were Trump’s tweets?
To which Twitter objected, Trump’s two tweets used to claim ‘using fake ballot papers via email and promoting voter fraud in elections’. Trump wrote in the tweet that these ballot boxes are a big fraud. They will be robbed. There will be fraud with ballot papers and fake prints will be forged and signed illegally. California governors are sending ballots to millions of people.

How did Twitter object?
Under its Fact Check new rules, Twitter put an exclamation mark in a blue circle under Trump’s tweets and wrote ‘Know the right facts about mail in ballots’. As soon as you click on this link, you will reach a report related to this claim, where you can read about Trump’s claim.

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In this way, Trump’s tweet was called a false claim. (See exclamation mark in blue and advice of fact check)

‘Unable to stand’, Trump expressed anger
Trump accused the move of Twitter as an attack on freedom of expression and alleged that Twitter was interfering in the 2020 US election. He cited some media reports behind his tweet and said that his statement was not false.

Politics charged on Twitter
The next day, after clarifying his tweet, Trump threatened to shut down social media platforms such as Twitter. It also stated that his government will strictly regulate or shut them down. Earlier, the manager of Trump’s election campaign said that Twitter is doing politics through fact checkers in collusion with fake news and also trying to give false credibility to the opponents.

Twitter continues campaign despite threats
Recently, due to violent protests erupting in many places in the US after the death of a black, Trump in his tweet spoke of using force to control the situation and also said ‘if people rob, we will shoot’. On this, Twitter said that such tweets ‘violate our policies regarding encouraging violence’. Twitter flagged Trump’s tweet and then another White House tweet. Later, Trump again clarified that he did not mean inciting violence.

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There are reports that Twitter CEO Jack tweeted and stated the policy of flagging the tweet.

Twitter is robbing applause
The Guardian has written an article titled ‘Well done Twitter, finally found out how to deal with Trump’s tweet’. In this article, referring to Trump’s tweets, false claims related to him and Twitter’s previous attitude, it has been said that at least three years late, but Twitter has taken a great initiative to take a big and important step. . Other similar articles are also being written and on the other hand, Twitter competitor Facebook has to grind like a mite between the two parties.

Questions raised on Zuckerberg’s policies
In a recent interview to Fox News, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook is not interested in the fact checks of politicians because it is criticized from all sides. On the other hand, Verge’s report last week said that Facebook employees are opposing the company’s stand in the company’s internal forum, in which the top management instructed not to get involved in political debates.

Now the situation is that after this fact check of Twitter, the employees of Facebook are criticizing the policies of Facebook by going on Twitter saying that they do not feel proud to work with Facebook. Also, people are also comparing Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey and calling Dorsey’s move important.

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Facebook employees are posting in support of Twitter’s policies.

Now know who is ‘Jack the Genius’
Some such facts about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, which may surprise you and you can also keep them in your diary by note.

‘You worry about competition or focus on your talent’
• As a child, Jack had a problem with stuttering so he spent more time at the computer.
• Jack had become a coding expert at the age of 15, a software that was created by him is still used by some taxi companies.
• Like many of his billionaire colleges, Jack has also been a college dropout.
• Impressed by the genius of 15-year-old Jack, at the time, Mykara Digital’s head MacKelvie said about ‘Jack the Genius’ that this little boy could do everything. McKelvie later became Jack’s partner and the founder of both squares.

‘Being a Founder is not a job, it is Attitude’
• Jack had previously pierced his nose but left nozering to appear as the CEO of Twitter.
Jack continued to play a role for Twitter as well as Square. He is said to have worked for 16 hours a day and played 8-8 hours a day for both companies.
• Jack has no cabin or desk in the square’s headquarters. He works on his iPad.

jack dorsey facts, who is twitter ceo, open twitter account, controversial tweet, trump tweet, who is jack dorsie, twitter usage, how to open twitter account, disputed tweet, trump tweet

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. File photo.

‘Expect what is not expected’
• Jack gives a third of his shares back to the Twitter company and 10% of the personal stock back to the Square company.
• Jack lives in a house worth about $ 10 million in Seacliff, San Francisco.
Interestingly, Jack is a licensed massage specialist.

So Jack is the employee of Facebook
According to a journalist Nick Bilton’s book, Jack is said to have had a conversation with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg when he was evicted from the role of CEO of Twitter. At that time, Zuckerberg was interested in buying Twitter and wanted Jack in his team. However, due to the inability of Jack’s role to be fixed at that time, Jack let go of this proposal.

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