Will websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google forever adopt Work from Home forever?

The world’s most important companies of technology are considering Work from Home as the future. While Twitter and Facebook are talking about giving this option to employees forever, Google is considering it. Due to the global epidemic of Corona Virus, many big companies of the world have given their employees work from home. Know how big companies have made plans regarding the future of work culture.

Facebook started from January itself
When there were reports of the outbreak of the Kovid 19 epidemic in China, Facebook had taken the initiative to provide long-term work from home to some of its employees due to fears of global epidemic threat. After this, as the epidemic continued to grow, most of the employees of Facebook started working from home. Mark Zuckerberg, another CEO of Facebook’s founders, is adopting this same culture. In a recent interview given to Verge, Zuckerberg told many special things about this work culture.

Work too far and hiring tooAccording to Zuckerberg, remote recruitment and work arrangements for the company’s open roles have been done in the US. Most of the 48 thousand employees of Facebook worldwide will be able to apply to work from their whereabouts by the end of this year.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. File photo.

Remote workforce will be ready in ten years
So far, the Facebook company used to give a bonus of up to 15 thousand dollars to the newly hired employees so that they stay near the headquarters in Menlo Park. But, after Kovid 19, Facebook is now looking to become the largest company of its kind, which will prepare the large workforce to work from home in the next ten years.

How will it be such a big change?
Zuckerberg stated clearly that the remort work culture will take time at the level of a big company like Facebook. In the next five to ten years, about half of the company’s people will be doing remote working forever. This change will be done with complete strategy. At present there is work from home facility for this year and after that, this facility will be restored according to the status of Kovid 19.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. File photo.

Positive is work from home
Zuckerberg said in an interview that 40% of employees in a survey within the company showed interest in work from home. Also, many employees saw positive changes and their ability or productivity was found to be increased due to work from home system. Zuckerberg also said that he felt that he could do even better and honest work himself during work from home. Now know what is the plan of Twitter on Remort Work Culture.

Always allow work from home
Twitter gave permission to its employees about a week and a half ago, saying that if they are working in such a role that they can work from home, they can always do so if they want. If employees want to come back to the office, they are welcome and when everything goes well, the company will make arrangements for them with precautions.

Offices will not open till September
On the strategy of reopening the offices, Twitter had said that according to the conditions seen so far, it is not expected to open the office before September. And whenever the offices open, the work culture will not be the same as before. Security and precautions will be taken care of the locations of offices and over time. Also, there will be no such event in the company for the year 2020, in which the presence of people is necessary. There will be plans for 2021 events by the end of this year.

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai. File photo.

What is Google’s view?
Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in an interview to Verge that many employees of the company are working with him as well. Since Google is also a big company in hardware, Pichai says that work from home is the strategy till this year, but after that Kovid will depend on 19 related conditions under which plan to work.

Pichai suspects work from home
Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, also expressed apprehension about work from home culture. He said that those who have been doing this, ‘I have often heard from them that working from home means more than not working from home’. This is difficult for IT. How will you set its boundaries? Pichai said that he often thinks about this and is considering for further processes.

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