You can also win Samsung Earbuds by giving correct answers to five easy questions on Amazon app today!


In Amazon Quiz 9 May, Samsung Earbuds are being given a chance to win.

Amazon App quiz May 9, 2021: Here we are telling you five questions of today’s Amazon App Quiz as well as their answers, so that you can win Samsung Earbuds ….

Amazon App Quiz May 9, 2021: A new edition of Daily App Quiz has started on the e-commerce platform Amazon. Online shopping platform Amazon is offering an opportunity to win Apple’s popular Samsung earbuds in its quiz today. This quiz is available on Amazon’s mobile app. For information, let us know that this daily quiz starts at 8 am every day and continues till 12 pm. Quiz based on GK: The quiz consists of five questions of general knowledge (GK) and current affairs. To win such a lot of prizes, you have to answer all the questions asked in the quiz correctly. Four questions are given in every question asked during the quiz. (Also read- By spending just Rs. 125 per month, the hassle of recharge for the year is over! Free calling and many benefits will be received) The name of the winner of today’s quiz will be announced on 10 May. He will be selected through a lucky draw. Here we are telling you five questions of today’s quiz as well as their answers. So go play and win Samsung Earbuds.Question 1: Which Indian state, that shares a 510km border with Myanmar and a 318km border with Bangladesh, is currently facing a refugee crisis? Answer 1: (C) Mizoram. Question 2: Which of these celebrities was conferred with the prestigious Maharashtra Bhushan Award in 2021?
Answer 2: (D) Asha Bhosle. Question 3: Since 2012, 21st March is celebrated as the International Day of what? Answer 3: (C) Forests. (Also read- Apple’s popular iPhone 12 Mini can be brought home at a discount of Rs 14,500, XDR OLED display will be available) Question 4: Name the famous character who was this animal, created by writer AA Milne Answer 4: (A) Winnie the Pooh. Question 5: In the World Cup for this sport, who has scored the maximum number of goals? Answer 5: (B) Miroslav Klose.


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