You can be blocked if you use this feature of WhatsApp more! Know important rules …


Know which is the feature of WhatsApp that can block your account …

The mobile messaging app is very popular among WhatsApp smartphone users. Users can easily send messages to their friends and family with this app. The privacy of their conversation on this app also remains intact. WhatsApp says that no one other than users can read the message. WhatsApp says that the service and conditions of the app have been designed so that all users on the platform remain secure. How to use WhatsApp, so the company has prepared some rules so that all users can use WhatsApp responsibly. WhatsApp says that whether the user is a common citizen, a government officer or a political party, everyone should use WhatsApp only keeping these rules in mind.

Do not send unsolicited, automated or bulk messages:
Avoid the mistake of sending unsolicited, automated or bulk messages from WhatsApp. WhatsApp detects such accounts through machine learning technology and reports from its users that send unsolicited messages, after which the company bans such accounts. It is also involved in contacting the users through the system. Do not create an account or group by invalid or automated means. Also, do not use any artificial version of WhatsApp.



Do not use a contact list that is not yours:

Never share people’s phone number with anyone without permission or do not send messages on WhatsApp to users through invalid methods (such as buying people’s contact list).

Do not use the broadcast list excessively:
According to the information given by WhatsApp, through broadcast list, you can send messages only to those contacts which are in your list.

WhatsApp stated on its FAQ page that if you use the user broadcast list excessively, then other users can report your message. Whatsapp blocks those accounts that are reported multiple times.

Do not violate the WhatsApp Terms of Service:
WhatsApp states that this is like a reminder to users that the WhatsApp Terms of Service, inter alia, prohibit the publishing of lies and invalid, threatening, intimidating, hateful and racist or ethnically offensive behavior. Terms of service indicate your relationship with WhatsApp and if there is any violation with the terms of service, then take steps for it.

The WhatsApp policy states that WhatsApp’s third party app, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, allows WhatsApp users to get a temporary ban. So if you also use such apps, then be careful. According to the information on the WhatsApp FAQ page, the company does this because these two are third party apps, not the official version of WhatsApp. These unofficial apps are made by third party and it violates the rules of WhatsApp and WhatsApp does not support them.


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