You have also come to download TikTok, these messages should be careful, may be difficult

Link to apk file named TikTok Pro is becoming increasingly viral.

Nowadays, the link of the apk file named TikTok Pro is becoming increasingly viral, which people are downloading in the phone as Tiktok. If you have also received such a message, then you need to be careful.

Short video making app TikTok (TikTok) has been banned in India. The government has banned this Chinese app, but messages are coming about different versions to cheat people. In fact, many people have received a suspicious SMS, in which it is written that Ticketock has returned to India. This SMS contains a link to an APK file named TikTok Pro. In such a situation, many people who want Tiktok are now downloading it in the phone. However, doing so can be dangerous for your phone and personal data.

It is written in this message, ‘TikTok is back in India. Creative video can now be made again with new features. Download new (TikTok v1) ‘from the link given below. A link is also given to this message, which is of the Apk file. Clicking on this link opens the store of the Apk app, from where users are downloading it as a real ticket.

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A message is coming to the customers, in which it is written that Ticketcock has returned to India.

A message is coming to the customers, in which it is written that Ticketcock has returned to India.

In most cases on opening such links, the phone asks for permission to install the unknown app. After this, when the user goes to setting, the permission is turned on, then he gets the option to install it and the app starts working in the phone easily.

Apk files are a threat to phones
Those who are running the app by downloading the apk file will not know how big a threat they are calling. First of all, let us know that whenever a file is not officially available and you are using its apk file, then you cannot find out what modifications have been done in it. This means that it can easily enter malware, spyware in your phone, after which your private data can be transferred to the apk file developer.

Not only this, you must have also noticed that whenever we download a new app, the app asks for permission from many things, including options like camera, audio, gallery, contacts, location. So if you allow these permits, then the developer knows where you are going, whom you are talking to. That is, the developer gets complete access to the phone.


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