August 18, 2022
Adani Group: Adani Enterprises and Israel Innovation Authority Sign MoU, Tech Solutions to Evolve

Ahmedabad News: Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL), the business arm of the Adani Group, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), the premier public-funded agency that oversees Israel’s innovation policy. It aims to collaborate on technological innovation between Israeli organizations and the Adani Group. The said collaboration will deepen the existing partnerships that Adani has already established in Israel over the past six years.

This MoU will lead to the development of a state-of-the-art innovation platform that will allow Adani businesses to access tech solutions provided by Israeli start-ups. The selected innovation projects will be supported by partnership. The collaboration will cover climate change, cyber, AI, IoT, 5G and agriculture, all of which are core businesses of Adani.

Haifa Port acquisition demonstrates Adani Group’s commitment to Israel: Karan Adani

Karan Adani, CEO, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd, said, “The Haifa Port acquisition demonstrates the commitment of the Adani Group to Israel. The partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority is currently underway. 2015 has proved to be another major step in deepening our ties within Israel, providing us with a platform to access hundreds of state-of-the-art technologies, while also prompting Israel to continue production. What we offer here is the largest sandbox of many B2B and B2C industries, from Adani to many tech companies in Israel.

Karan Adani, CEO, Adani Ports: Photo- Social Media

This is a classic supply demand match between the two countries. Both the countries have always shared a very strong bond. The Adani-IIA collaboration while entering India will also help open various avenues for the latest technology from Israel and accelerate the digitization of many other organizations.”

Dror Bin, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority said, “The Israel Innovation Authority is delighted to partner with the Adani Group in strengthening India’s strategic cooperation with Adani and Israel, following the group’s historic acquisition of Haifa Port last month. The Adani Group, one of the U.S.’s largest conglomerates, is in line with the likes of Israeli startups as a partner, looking to tap into the world’s fastest growing economy- India.

With this MoU, Israel Innovation Authority will provide Israeli companies with a unique opportunity to co-develop, pilot and scale-up innovative technologies in collaboration with Adani’s diverse businesses in renewable energy, AI, logistics and other areas. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Israel this year, we are proud to further expand our cooperation with India in the field of innovation, and we, together with the Adani Group, are looking forward to a sustainable And committed to leading the digital transformation that will make an impact around the world.”

Industrial level 5G connectivity (5G connectivity)

Adani Group’s overarching strategy is to digitally integrate its current and future businesses by connecting its data centers through a network of submarine and terrestrial cables. This will also include industrial level 5G connectivity, building the largest industrial operations cloud in the world, developing super apps to offer a suite of services to its customer base of 400 million, and establishing a world-class AI center of excellence. Is. This collaboration between Adani Enterprises and IIA is expected to build on each other’s capabilities, technology leadership, resources and worldwide presence.

Under the provisions of Israeli industrial laws and policies that encourage research, development and technological innovation, the Adani Group will screen and select Israeli start-ups and other innovation companies developing new and exciting solutions in the region. The approved projects will then be assisted by the Adani Group and supported by the Israel Innovation Authority.

About Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL)

Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL) is the flagship company of the Adani Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in India. Over the years, Adani Enterprises has focused on building emerging infrastructure businesses, contributing to nation building and diversifying them into various listed entities. Having successfully built unicorns like Adani Ports & SEZ, Adani Transmission, Adani Power, Adani Green Energy and Adani Total Gas, the company has contributed significantly towards making the country self-reliant with its portfolio of strong businesses.

About Israel Innovation Authority (IIA)

The Israel Innovation Authority, responsible for the country’s innovation policy, is an independent and impartial statutory public entity, working for the benefit of the Israeli innovation ecosystem and the Israeli economy as a whole. Its mission is to invest in innovation to promote sustainable and inclusive growth.

The said authority acts as an enabler with all things related to the Israeli innovation ecosystem. It is engaged in building the infrastructure and infrastructure to support disruptive technological innovations while maintaining both technological and economic leadership, as well as preparing for future technologies to improve the productivity and global competitiveness of the Israeli economy. Provides conditional grant to live. The Israel Innovation Authority provides a variety of practical tools and funding platforms aimed at addressing the dynamic and changing needs of local and international innovation ecosystems.

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