October 5, 2022
Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness, says Accenture executive

Pritesh Gadhia, managing director of Accenture Songs UK and Ireland, shares his career-defining lightbulb moment with CNBC’s “My Biggest Lessons”.

Asking for help at work can be difficult. For some, it may come with feelings of shame, guilt, or failure.

“It often takes a lot of courage to ask for help,” said Pritesh Gadhia, managing director of Accenture Song UK and Ireland. “No one is ever fired for asking for help. In fact, I see that asking for help is a real strength and not a weakness.”

Gadhia admitted to CNBC’s “Make It” that asking for help was something she struggled with early in her career.

“I struggled in a really high-pressure environment, trying to work out the most optimal team structure to deliver a very tough schedule,” Gadhia recalled.

He eventually found the courage to ask for help and received advice as big as “gold dust”.

This is just one of the five greatest lessons of Pritesh Gadhiya. Watch the video above for more.

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