October 3, 2022
Beyond Meat suspends operating chief Doug Ramsey after arrest for alleged nose-biting

douglas ramsey

Source: Washington County, Arkansas

Beyond Meat said its chief of operations, Doug Ramsey, was arrested on Saturday evening for allegedly punching and biting his nose.

The company said in a statement Tuesday afternoon that Jonathan Nelson, the company’s senior vice president of manufacturing operations, will oversee Beyond’s operating activities on an interim basis.

Ramsey, 53, was charged with terroristic intimidation and third-degree battery and booked into the Washington County Jail after allegedly assaulting a driver in a parking garage near Razorback Stadium.

According to preliminary police reports obtained by CNBC, Ramsey allegedly punched through the rear windshield of a Subaru when it approached the front tire of Ramsey’s car. According to the report, the Subaru owner then got out of his car and Ramsey allegedly began punching him and slitting his nose, “ripping the flesh at the tip of the nose”. The victim and a witness also alleged that Ramsey told the owner of the Subaru that he would kill her.

Ramsey has been Beyond Meat’s chief operating officer since December. News of his arrest after a University of Arkansas football game sparked further scrutiny for the vegetarian food company, which is grappling with disappointing sales and investor doubts over its long-term growth prospects. The stock is down 75% this year, taking its market share to $1.02 billion. Just three years ago, the company was valued at $13.4 billion.

Prior to joining Beyond Meat, Ramsey spent three decades at Tyson Foods, overseeing its poultry and McDonald’s businesses. Beyond Meat was relying on its experience to help the company successfully launch big, particularly with Taco Bell owner Yum Brands and fast-food companies like McDonald’s.

Ramsey did not respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

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