December 10, 2022
CNG-PNG Price Hike: Inflation hit in the festive season, CNG-PNG becomes expensive

CNG-PNG Price HikeIn the festive season, people living in the financial capital of the country have suffered a severe setback of inflation. Now Mumbaikars will have to loose more pockets to make delicious dishes or travel on the occasion of the festival. In fact, Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL), a gas distribution company in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, has increased the price of CNG by Rs 6 per kg. With this, the price of PNG (cooking gas) supplied through pipes has been increased by Rs 4 per unit.

The new rates are in effect from Monday night. After the increase in prices, the price of CNG in Mumbai and its surrounding areas has now gone up to Rs 86 per kg. At the same time, PNG has become Rs 52.50 per SCM. Mumbai, which is already known as an expensive city, is now bound to add extra burden on the pockets of the people there after the increase in the prices.

Reason for increase in prices

Recently, the central government had increased the prices of natural gas by 40 percent. It was then decided that in the coming days, it is bound to have an impact on the retail prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Piped Natural Gas (PNG). Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) also cited the same point and said that this step has to be taken after the steep hike in gas prices from October 1. In such a situation, it is believed that Indraprastha Gas Limited, which supplies CNG-PNG in Delhi, can also give a jolt to the residents of the capital very soon.

Explain that natural gas is used to generate electricity, fertilizers, power automobiles etc. The same gas is used as PNG for cooking in homes and CNG is used as fuel in vehicles. This is the reason that due to the increase in the prices of natural gas, along with all the sectors, the common man is also directly affected.

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