October 5, 2022
FTC asks for more details about Amazon’s .7B deal for Roomba maker

The Federal Trade Commission has asked Amazon and iRobot for more information about the Roomba vacuum maker’s $1.7 billion e-commerce giant.

In a filing Tuesday, iRobot said the FTC on Monday requested more details on the deal announced last month and will expand Amazon’s stable of smart home devices.

A group of about 20 pro-privacy and activist organizations have urged US antitrust promoters to halt the deal, citing concerns about privacy and Amazon’s already powerful position in the smart home devices market.

According to a report by Politico, the FTC investigation began earlier this month and includes both face-to-face competition and whether the deal is affecting the e-commerce company in the illegally connected device market as well as the overall retail market. Will boost market share.

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