August 12, 2022
Petrol-Diesel Price Today: What happened in the prices of petrol and diesel, know today’s rate

Petrol Diesel Price Today 4 August 2022: The round of mercy of oil companies on the consumers of petrol and diesel continues. There has been no increase in the prices of petrol and diesel even today. There has been no change in the prices of both petrol and diesel for more than 70 days. This approach of the oil companies has proved to be of great relief to the consumers. It has also helped a lot in controlling inflation.

Petrol and diesel prices have remained stable but CNG prices have been hiked at some places. In the capital Lucknow, the price of CNG has reached around petrol. Its price has been increased by about Rs 5.3. Now the price of CNG in Lucknow has gone up to Rs 96.10 per kg.

Same price as before

According to the new rate released by the oil companies today, petrol and diesel will be available at the same price as before. In such a situation, if you are planning to travel somewhere, then you can enjoy the full tour by filling the tank because doing so will not put any extra burden on your pocket.

Excise duty on petrol and diesel was reduced by the central government in May. After that the prices of petrol and diesel had come down significantly. Since then, the prices of both petrol and diesel have remained stable till now. It remains to be seen how long this period of stability continues.

Eyes on government’s decision

By the way, if we look at the international market, in recent days there has been a fluctuating trend in the prices of crude oil. For this reason, consumers expect oil companies to reduce the rate of petrol and diesel. On the other hand, oil companies argue that due to non-increased prices of petrol and diesel, they are incurring huge losses.

Oil company companies have contacted the government in this regard. They want to increase the rate of petrol and diesel. This proposal has not yet been approved by the government, but if the oil companies are successful in their efforts, then this step will prove to be a shock to the consumers.

Rates in major cities today

Petrol in Delhi Rs 96.72 and Diesel Rs 89.62 per liter

Petrol in Mumbai Rs 111.35 and diesel Rs 97.28 per liter

Petrol in Lucknow Rs 96.57 and diesel Rs 89.76 per liter

Petrol in Kolkata Rs 106.03 and Diesel Rs 92.76 per liter

Petrol in Gurugram Rs 97.18 and diesel Rs 90.05 per liter

Petrol in Amritsar Rs 96.77 and Diesel Rs 87.11 per liter

Petrol in Jaipur Rs 108.48 and diesel Rs 93.72 per liter

Petrol in Chennai 102.63. Rs and diesel Rs 92.76 per liter

Petrol in Noida Rs 96.57 and diesel Rs 89.96 per liter

Petrol in Patna Rs 107.24 and diesel Rs 94.04 per liter

Petrol in Bengaluru Rs 101.94 and diesel Rs 87.89 per liter

Petrol in Thiruvananthapuram Rs 107.71 and diesel Rs 96.52 per liter

Petrol in Bhubaneswar Rs 103.19 and Diesel Rs 94.76 per liter

Petrol in Port Blair Rs 84.10 and Diesel Rs 79.74 per liter

Petrol in Chandigarh Rs. 96.20 and Diesel Rs. 84. per liter.

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