August 8, 2022
Petrol-Diesel Price Today: Oil companies have released the new rate, check the price of petrol and diesel today

Petrol Diesel Price Today: Amidst the volatility in the prices of crude oil in the international market, Indian oil companies have kept the prices of petrol and diesel stable even today. There has been no increase in the prices of petrol and diesel for more than two months. Consumers have got a lot of relief from this kindness of oil companies. On the basis of crude oil prices in the international market, daily review is done by oil companies and after that new rates of petrol and diesel are released.

According to the new rate released today, the prices have remained stable. Due to this stance of oil companies, it has also helped a lot in keeping inflation under control.

Price updated daily

According to the new rates updated by Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum this morning, petrol and diesel will also be available at the former price. In such a situation, people wanting to roam around in their vehicles can enjoy it to the fullest. If you go somewhere far away to enjoy with your family then there will be no extra burden on your pocket.

The reduction in excise duty by the central government during the month of May had a major impact on the prices of both petrol and diesel. Petrol prices fell by about Rs 9 and diesel by about Rs 7. This brought great relief to the consumers. Since that time, the prices of petrol and diesel have remained stable.

How long will the stability continue?

However, after the fall in crude oil prices, consumers expect petrol and diesel rates to fall further, while on the other hand, oil companies say that they are facing huge losses due to non-increasing prices. Oil companies want to increase prices.

But till now approval has not been received for this. Unlike oil companies, experts say that crude oil prices have come down significantly as compared to earlier. Therefore, consumers should also get the benefit of it. Now the decision of the government in this regard is awaited.

Rates today in major cities of the country

Petrol in Delhi Rs 96.72 and Diesel Rs 89.62 per liter

Petrol in Mumbai Rs 111.35 and diesel Rs 97.28 per liter

Petrol in Lucknow Rs 96.57 and diesel Rs 89.76 per liter

Petrol in Kolkata Rs 106.03 and Diesel Rs 92.76 per liter

Petrol in Gurugram Rs 97.18 and diesel Rs 90.05 per liter

Petrol in Amritsar Rs 96.77 and Diesel Rs 87.11 per liter

Petrol in Jaipur Rs 108.48 and diesel Rs 93.72 per liter

Petrol in Chennai 102.63. Rs and diesel Rs 92.76 per liter

Petrol in Noida Rs 96.57 and Diesel Rs 89.96 per liter

Petrol in Patna Rs 107.24 and diesel Rs 94.04 per liter

Petrol in Bengaluru Rs 101.94 and diesel Rs 87.89 per liter

Petrol in Thiruvananthapuram Rs 107.71 and diesel Rs 96.52 per liter

Petrol in Bhubaneswar Rs 103.19 and Diesel Rs 94.76 per liter

Petrol in Port Blair Rs 84.10 and Diesel Rs 79.74 per liter

Petrol in Chandigarh Rs. 96.20 and Diesel Rs. 84. per liter.

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