September 25, 2022
Post Office FD Scheme: To earn good profit, then invest in this scheme of post office, just have to do this

Post Office FD Scheme: Do you want to invest your money in some place where you will get good returns? So the best option for you is to invest your money in the post office scheme. Yes, you can also make a fixed deposit in the post office. Also, like a bank, the facility of getting FD in the post office is also available. In which you will get good profit as well as government guarantee. Let us tell you the advantages of FD in the post office.

Make Fixed Deposit in Post Office

Getting Fixed Deposit (FD) in the post office is absolutely easy. Information about this can be obtained from the website of India Post. Moreover, you can get your money fixed i.e. FD in the post office for different time periods i.e. 1,2, 3, 5 years. There are many benefits of making a fixed deposit in the post office-

First of all, if you do FD in the post office, you get the guarantee of the Government of India.

Investors’ money is completely safe in Post Office FD.

FD can also be done offline (cash, cheque) or online (net banking / mobile banking) at the post office.

Not just one FD but more than one FD can be done in the post office.

You can also join your FD account.

Also, by making a fixed deposit for 5 years in FD, you will get tax exemption at the time of filing ITR.

After posting somewhere outside, you can easily transfer FD from one post office to another post office.

FD opened in post office like this

You can also open an account by paying check or cash to get FD in the post office. For this, you can open an account with a minimum of Rs 1000 and there is no limit to deposit the maximum amount. As much as you wish

Good interest is available on FD in the post office

5.50 percent interest is available on FDs of 7 days to one year in the post office.

Whereas even on FD of 1 year 1 day to 2 years, only 5.50 percent is available.

At the same time, interest on FD up to 3 years is also available at the rate of 5.50 percent.

Then on FD of 3 years 1 day to 5 years, 6.70 percent interest is available.

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