September 30, 2022
Queen Elizabeth II dies at the age of 96

Britain’s longest-reigning Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96, Buckingham Palace has announced.

The Queen’s death plunged the nation into mourning and marked a pivotal moment in the life of the nation, which came to a close for 70 years of reign.

Senior members of the royal family had gone to stay with her at Balmoral, the Queen’s palace in the Scottish Highlands, while the mood among senior politicians in Westminster was gloomy.

The Queen celebrated the 70th anniversary of her reign this year. He represented continuity and stability for Britain from the post-war era to the 21st century.

The country prepared for the monarch’s death on Wednesday morning when Buckingham Palace issued a rare medical bulletin on the Queen’s health. The BBC suspended normal programming.

Earlier this week, the Queen, who had been suffering from mobility issues for some time, instead traveled to London to oversee the transition of power from Boris Johnson to new Prime Minister Liz Truss at Balmoral.

News of the monarch’s position was sent to Truss in the House of Commons shortly before noon, as he made a statement to parliament on state interference in the energy market.

Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle interrupted the debate on the government’s energy pricing plans with news of the Queen’s position.

The Queen has been a central part of life in Britain for seven decades since the death of her father, George VI, in 1952.

Winston Churchill took the throne while he was in Downing Street and this week invited Truss, the 15th prime minister of his reign, to form a new government.

His reign included the dissolution of most of the British Empire in Africa and Asia, as well as the consolidation of the Commonwealth. It also saw the rise of the modern monarchy, which became the subject of intense media scrutiny.

In recent years the Queen’s personal popularity was seen as an important factor in maintaining support for the monarchy in Britain. She shunned political interference and was primarily known for her subjects by her appearance in public programs and televised Christmas messages, often emphasizing the values ​​of duty and dialogue.

She became the longest-reigning monarch in British history in 2015, overtaking her great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

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